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11 Best Home Remedies for UTI Pain Relief

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) primarily occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract via the urethra and start to multiply in the bladder.

There’s no denying that urinary tract infections can quickly appear in our life. In fact, around 25% of all infections come from bacteria, and 50% of all women may have to deal with this during their life. The issue is that finding a proper treatment is not easy.

Here are the causes, signs and symptoms of urinary tract infection

Urinary Tract Infection, UTI Symptoms

  • Frequent urination
  • Pain or burning when urinating
  • Fever
  • Dark, cloudy, or reddish urine color
  • Urine smells bad
  • Fatigue
  • Side, rib and back pain
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Women may feel pain above the pubic bone
  • Feeling pain at lower belly part when not urinating


Urinary Tract Infection, UTI, Causes

  • Using of too much birth control.
  • Unlubricated condoms can increase risk of UTIs,
  • When you don’t pee after sex
  • High sugar level (diabetic)
  • Bladder infection (cystitis) caused Escherichia coli -E. coli
  • Urethra infection (urethritis)

Initially, urinal tract problems like this were handled with antibiotics. Using an antibiotic is not the natural way to cure symptoms of a urinary tract infection, and it may also have a lot of side effects. The issue here is that bacteria got antibiotic resistant, so now it’s extremely hard to deal with it in a proper manner.

That’s where you have to find a good, natural way to avoid all of this! This is why finding the best home remedies for UTI pain relief is a critical thing to do!


Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for UTI Pain Relief


1. Just try to urinate often

It may seem like a simple thing to do, but we just forget to do it. The primary reason is how busy we are. We always focus on work and that way we can easily sit on our chairs for hours without urinating. A urine problem is soon to follow if you don’t approach this properly. That’s why a lot of women deal with UTI issues because they just forget to do one of the basic things. Urinating often is imperative, so try to do that.

2. Drink lots of fluids

Make water your friend .If you have UTI, one of the best home remedies for UTI pain relief is just to go ahead and drink lots of wear. At least a glass of water for every meal will help you stay healthy all the time. Plus, it will also help flush away any bacteria that leads to infections.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, drinking water can lower the risk of UTI because water will help flush out the bacteria that is causing urinary tract infection. Well, at least drink up to 80 oz. of water a day can be very effective.

3. Use myrrh essential oil as Natural uti antibiotics

The benefit you get here is that this oil has antiparasitic and antifungal properties. It also helps you deal with any unwanted bacteria fast and easy. You will appreciate the great value that it delivers, although it can be a bit hard to find this sort of oil.

4. Oregano oil for uti

This is yet another type of oil that can do wonders. Research shows that oregano can quickly deal with a multitude of bacteria strains and this will surely help you eliminate bacteria strains without that much of an effort. It will pay off immensely in the end, so try to keep that in mind. Close oil also has antiviral and antimicrobial properties, so you may want to give it a try too. ( Buy oregano oil here)

Studies have shown that oregano oil, especially it active ingredient (carvacrol) can protect against drug resistant bacteria

Best Home Remedies for UTI Pain Relief

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C increases the acidity of your urine. This will help you deal with urine issues a lot faster and better according to the Johns Hopkins Medicine health library. It’s by far one of the best things you can focus on, and you will surely get lots of value from it. Plus, it’s just healthy as a whole for your entire body! So make sure you are eating fruit or vegetable load with vitamin C , for instance kiwi fruits, papayas, clementine oranges ,strawberries ,red and green hot chili peppers and Guavas . Buy vitamin c supplement here


6. Use  Garlic

This is one of most effective natural remedies for uti.  Garlic is one of those compounds that have lots of antimicrobial abilities. On top of that, it includes allicin which is going to eliminate most bacteria. It’s a very compelling product against UTI and one of the best home remedies for UTI pain relief!

 7. Home remedy for uti using Cranberries juice

Although they may not seem like much, cranberries are very helpful in dealing with UTI. They are a natural cure for UTI, and they can decrease the number of UTIs a woman can deal with during a year. It’s one of the best options out there. Plus, it is also effective remedy for burning urine

8. Avoid using spermicides

At first, using spermicides can seem like a good idea. But as you think about it, this will increase irritation, and it will also allow bacteria to grow a lot. So, staying away from spermicides will just make the entire process simpler and easier to deal with!

9. Staying clean and dry

Best Home Remedies for UTI Pain Relief

Aside from being one of the best home remedies for UTI pain relief, staying dry and clean is also all about common sense, especially after using loo. You need to consider staying away from moisture because this will allow bacteria to grow all the time. Stay away from bacteria simply by keeping yourself clean as much as possible!

10.  Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Uti Cure

Apple cider vinegar is loaded with enzymes, potassium and other useful minerals that can fight against bacteria that cause urinary tract infection from populating. This can serve as a natural antibiotic to cure the infection.


  • Natural honey
  • Lemon juice
  • Apple cider vinegar

How to apply it

  • Put tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of drinking water.
  • Then add lemon juice and honey.
  •  Stir the mixture very well
  • Drink this 2 time a day for a week for better result.

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11. Probiotics for Uti Treatment

Probiotic are known to offer great support for your body’s flora. As a result, they will establish a line of defense for your body. From here to staying healthy in the long run, it will be quite easy to achieve those results! It’s one of the better home remedies for UTI pain relief out there!

In conclusion, you can find lots of home remedies for UTI pain relief. Just because you deal with UTI, that doesn’t mean you need to handle that pain as well. So, try to use these great home remedies and tips to help you deal with the problem fast and easy!

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